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Frequently Asked Questions.


When do you open
All information is on the Services page, but we are flexible on the quoted times if you require different or extra hours.

Who can attend the Nursery
Nursery: All children and babies are welcome at MumsAway Nursery.

Must my child enrol at Abercerdin Primary
No, this is a private pre-school Nursery, your child can enrol at any Primary School.

Where must I live to attend Nursery
There is no restriction on where you live for your child to attend MumsAway Nursery.

Must my child be potty trained
No, we don't expect every child to be potty trained, but you will be required to supply nappies.


Do you use Welsh language
Yes. Whilst we are not fluent Welsh speakers we do incorporate Welsh language into most activities.

What if my child has a disability
If your child has a disability, or extra needs, we would discuss this with you on the initial meeting. MumsAway Nursery is an inclusive setting however we must feel confident we are equipped to care for your child's needs.

Do the children play outside
Yes, we have access to the whole school yard with it's slide, climbing frames, puzzles etc., the garden area and have our own gated area. We will also have access to the school farm once it is complete.


What clothing should my child wear
Your child will get messy with paint, glue, dirt, glitter etc. so please don't send them in their best clothes.

What should they bring "just in case"
A hat and sun block are important in the warmer months, otherwise dress them appropriate for the weather.

Will my child be outside in the rain/snow
Yes, we believe the children should be outside as often as possible so long as they are dressed appropriately... it's only weather.


Do you provide food and drinks
Yes, milk, water and regular healthy snacks are included. However, if your child has a special diet you would be responsible for supplying snacks, in a sealed container, that can be refrigerated.

What if my child has allergies
If your child has severe allergies we would discuss this with you on the initial meeting. We take every reasonable step to make MumsAway Nursery an inclusive setting.


How and when do I pay
Nursery: Fees can be paid by bank transfer or cash. Payments are required in advance on Monday, or the first day your child attends, of that payment period.
After School Club: As it's a drop in session fees are paid on the day and only for the days your child attends.

Can I get funding toward the cost of child care
Possibly. There are numerous funding options that could pay up to 100% of your child care costs. They include, that we are aware of; Employer Vouchers, ask if they are registered with a scheme, Tax Credits, or if you're in education or a student there's Discretionary Learner Support, Childcare Grant or Care to Learn
Funding is available for 2 FREE sessions at After School Club, ask for details.
Childcare Offer for Wales, available to working families, can fund up to 30 hours childcare per week for 48 weeks of the year.

What holidays can I take
We allow 4 weeks scheduled holidays per year that are charged at half your normal fee. Unscheduled or extra holidays are charged at full rate. You must give 2 weeks notice of scheduled holidays. The Nursery is also closed for 5 weeks, 3 in August and 2 at Christmas, when no fees apply.

What if my child doesn't attend
If your child is absent on a contracted day, for any reason other than a scheduled holiday, then full fee applies.


Why do you have 2 Facebook pages
Business page, that can be found here, is mainly for updates, information and news.
Personal page, that can be found here, is for parents and their family or friends to see what the children have been up to each day. This also allows parents control of whom has access through their own Facebook privacy settings.

If you have any further questions please ask.
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